For more than 40 years, Serpe has been a key player in the perimeter protection of civil and military Nuclear infrastructure.

Serpe offers solutions adapted to the criticality level of these sites, tested by independent organisations, recognised for their performance and which have become references in the field.



CapFiT 50 is an innovative and smart perimeter protection solution that detects any intrusion while eliminating false alarms. This concept consists of a wall of taut wires combined with a crush sensor inserted into a detection post. The latter continuously analyses relative variations in movement between the taut wires.

Any attempt to pull apart, cut or lean on it is then detected. Using the differential principle, CapFiT 50 is totally insensitive to ground movement and temperature distortions.
This innovative solution can be installed on an existing fence, wall, overhang or as a freestanding structure.
Robust, simple to deploy (little civil engineering and energy input), streamlined design, customer return on investment, are some of the benefits that make CapFiT 50 an effective solution for the professional security market.

Main features :

  • Excellent detection quality
  • Very low number of false alarms: about 1 alarm / km / year
  • Can be adapted to all types of fences
  • Totally unaffected by bad weather (rain, wind, snow, fog, extreme temperatures) and ground movement
  • Easy to install and maintain (only 1 connector per post)
  • Very long lifespan
  • Low electrical consumption
  • Optional: real time alarm management with a supervision system or remote monitoring centre
  • Available in the following versions: 1.00 m, 1.50 m, 2.00 m, 2.50 m, 3.00 m, overhang (0.80 m), customised

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The Defence fence is the benchmark solution for protecting very sensitive infrastructure (Defence, Nuclear, etc.)
The LEOPARD detection concertina wire system combined with a wall of cablets electrified by the JAGUAR 400 offers a deterrent and repellent effect, optimal detection at the earliest opportunity and it takes a long time to breach.

Principales caractéristiques :

  • Deterrent, repellent, delaying and slowing effect
  • 10,000 volt high-voltage pulses
  • Capacitive touch detection on cablets (JAGUAR 400)
  • Cutting detection concertina (LEOPARD)
  • Anti-lifting of concertina wire detection system

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The JAGUAR 400 energiser, combined with a network of conductive cablets, makes it possible to have a perimeter protection system combining a deterrent, repellent and delaying effect.
This original solution combines the generation of two different electrical signals on the same wire.
The first one – a 10,000 volt high-voltage pulse type – acts as a deterrent. The second one – a very low-voltage type – provides very sensitive detection of human contact with the fence.
It has the advantage of providing effective and permanent detection of the touch.
The JAGUAR 400 energiser complies with the EN-60335-2-76 standard ensuring the safety of people.

Main features:

  • 10,000 volts high voltage signal
  • Effective and permanent capacitive touch detection on all wires
  • Deterrent, repellent and delaying effect
  • Very few false alarms
  • Not really affected by weather conditions such as wind, rain, fog, lightning, etc.
  • Option to deactivate High-Voltage electrification
  • High-voltage synchronisation for multiple zones
  • Dry contact or JBUS standard protocol communication
  • Battery-backed power option with temperature load compensation

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A low power microwave energy beam is generated between a microwave transmitter and receiver both located about 1m from the ground.
HERMES barriers detect amplitude variations in the electromagnetic field triggered by an intruder within the volumetric detection zone.

The detection range is comparable to a wall which is 2-3m thick and 3-4m high, over a length which can be up to 200m between the transmitter and the receiver.
A continuous detection perimeter can therefore be created, combining detection quality, a low number of false alarms and weather resistance.

Main features:

  • Excellent detection quality
  • Excellent detection/number of false alarms ratio
  • Operation especially suited to difficult weather conditions, and in particular not affected by fog
  • Easy to install and set
  • Option to set remotely
  • Switch to dry contact or bus system alarms

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ERYvision is the product of several generations of alarm centralisation systems which have been deployed several hundred times in France and abroad. It enables supervision and interaction between security systems via a single control station.
ERYvision is a long-term, ergonomic and scalable supervision system, which can integrate many applications on the market by developing gateways.
The GUI with the provision of summary information makes it possible to intuitively operate, visualise and analyse the situation overall in real time.

Main features:

Supervision and interactions of security sub-systems:

  • Serpe sensors
  • Central intrusion alarm system – Perimeter sensors
  • Video surveillance (servo-control of the video
    based on events)
  • Access control – People protection system
  • GSM jammer


Operating tool which is ergonomic and simple to use:

  • Configurable GUI
  • Modular and scalable architecture
  • Real-time monitoring of network equipment
  • WINDOWS (services, processes) software monitoring
  • Guaranteed maintenance of servers in operational condition: instant redundancy, instant configuration reloading
  • Servo-control of actions triggered based on an event, time slot or manually
  • Alarm transmission to remote monitoring
  • Alarm transmission to another supervisor (ModBus, TCP messages)
  • The entire supervision configuration does not require any programming skills

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